5 awards that turns Yucatan in the best place for your investment


In recent years the best qualities of Merida, Yucatan have shone in the eyes of the world, making it clear that this place is a haven of opportunities. 

We love Yucatan, not just for its awards, but for its cultural essence, the warmth of its people and the peace that allows for a growing city; to verify this, we will share a list of the awards most representative of life in the Yucatan. 

Know the awards and recognitions that marked a before and an after, and that contribute to the economic development that benefits your investment. 

Just at the 2019 Merida was the headquarters of the 17th World Summit of Nobel Prizesand although he was not the first world-class event which we are proud, it was the opportunity to bring the wonders of the Yucatán to all corners of the world.

That same year, Merida had another universal scope to be designated as City of Creative Gastronomy by UNESCO and the following years he continued to add mentions, awards and recognition that put the Yucatan as a state rich in culture, quality of life and growth. 

Safest city in Mexico 2020, INEGI 

With one of the best percentages of security, Merida ranked in the 2020 as the safest city in Mexico. According to surveys, more than 66% of mexicans said they felt safe on his streets, something that is highly valued when it comes to the tranquility and peace of mind to your family members. 

Top 25 Best cities in the World To 2021, Condé Nast Traveler

Each year the magazine Condé Nast Traveler has published its Top of best cities recognizing the world's favorite destinations for travel or to know, and Merida are not left behind in the annual update of this mention changing the category, and positions. 

The 4th best city in the world “Best Big Cities” in the Reader's Choice Awards, 2022 

Our beautiful “White City” has been a part of this ranking since 2019, under categories such as “Small cities” and “Cities friendly in the world” where he occupied the first position of the countries of America. Something that does not surprise us, since for more than one trust, friendship and warmth of the yucatecans are features that stand out from any other place in the world.

Cochinita Pibil, the best dish in the world in the ranking of Taste Atlas Awards 2021 

A story of court, a gastronomic and tourist that went around the world because who would not want to be worthy of testing the best dish there? The best thing about this recognition is that exalts the traditions of yucatan to be a typical dish of the region, and that is part of the tradition of dawn Sunday breakfast up a rica cochinita pibil.

This reference has meaning to the Yucatan, an opening of new culinary concepts based on the mayan culture and the flavors of the world, in the hands of chefs of international stature. 

City tree-Lined, recognition of Merida for the UN, 2020

In the field environmental Merida also has been known to highlight one of its most notable features and dear to us: the green-rich and wooded areas. That is why in 2020, highlighted by the recognition of the UN's Tree Cities of the World, along with Guadalajara and Toluca. 

Merida is a city with a boost to economic growth, tourism, and capital gain 

Thanks to the efforts of the government and its people, Mérida has been the center of recognitions, awards, and accolades that keep the look in the city to increase its tourist flow, the number of residents who arrive each year, as well as investments that contribute to the economic spillover of the state. 

Finally, according to the magazine Ceoworld, Merida stands out after Québec, Canada as the safest city in the american continent

The data don't lie, this is the signal to give the 180-degree turn to your life and begin the 2023 with a real estate investment in one of the best cities to live, work, invest and do business in the world. 

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