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Yucatan has it all. Security, natural beauty, culture, as well as excellent medical and hospital infrastructure we have attracted thousands of patients in search of highly skilled professionals at competitive prices, and without losing a single second of the benefits of living in a city with quality of life. 

Infrastructure and medical tourism makes to the Yucatan capital of quality medical services in the southeast Mexico and Central america

Medical tourism has driven the investment of the health coming to invest more than 1000 million pesos for the creation of a medical center competitive, as it is the Hospital Faro del Mayab, with which Yucatan finally was confirmed as the capital of quality medical services in the mexican southeast and Central america.

This, coupled with the offer of the medical city which is formed by 24 hospitals and more than 700 offices deprived of great prestige and reputation, among which stand out:

  • .    Medical Center Star Medical.
  •        Clinical Merida.
  •        Regional Hospital of High Specialty.
  •        Hospital Faro del Mayab.

Centers that with his state of the art technology and infrastructure have attracted the attention of foreigners coming from countries in which pay a 40% to 60% more for the same quality of service and excellence.

Benefits of the health sector in the Yucatan

  •  A more economical alternative with excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Medical professionals highly qualified and competent with different specializations and profiles.
  • Health care efficient and immediate.
  • Possibility for treatments of rare diseases.
  • Infrastructure latest technology.
  • Hospitals, high-end, prestige, and ability.
  • Security and quality of life in general.

A state with medical infrastructure and quality of life is an ideal state for a real estate investment 

These benefits have been the reason that many investors to acquire properties in the Yucatan, with the purpose of rentarlas to those who come in search of these services or simply to plan your retirement, or the holidays of the next few years.

Medical tourism is just one of the many reasons to start investing in Yucatan, and with Smart Investors-Real Estate what you can make possible in a safe way and gaining the benefits of financing. Trust real estate investment.

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